How we can help you with Norwich planning

Norwich, the county capital of Norfolk, is the base for Envision CAD. This leading Norwich planning company is centrally located in the Union Building on Rose Lane, home of the Rooftop Gardens and Aston Shaw, to name but two. We've carried out work extensively in and around this fine city like this double storey extension [...]

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A Norwich social housing project wins accolades

As an architectural planning company firmly rooted in Norfolk, with headquarters in Norwich, Envision CAD were seriously delighted when the city made national headlines for its new social housing estate. We will post a link to the articles later, but if you're uncertain what the hullabaloo is all about let us summarise: Social housing provision [...]

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Greta Thunberg and house building

It comes to something when a remarkable 16 year old Swedish girl with Asperger's Syndrome rises to such media prominence. One for her climate action and two for her fearless challenges of those in power. Did you see that withering stare to the President of the USA which made headlines globally? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmXOPrCr_F4 Whether you [...]

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Skinny latte for your skinny office block?

We're fortunate at Envision Cad to be based in the Union Building on Rose Lane, rubbing shoulders with businesses like Aston Shaw and the Rooftop Gardens, with space never an issue.  If we ever feel claustrophobic and who would in such expansive surroundings, this Norwich architectural planning service has the city at its feet. A [...]

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Is a garden room a worthwhile investment?

Depending on your linguistic preferences, you may call a garden room a conservatory, an orangery or a garden room. Whatever you name it, however, you will find that you're spoilt for choice with companies who offer that service. So is there a difference between the three names and which one would best suit your circumstances, [...]

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Do you really use that garage for its intended purpose?

Time changes things. Obvious opening statement perhaps but it's true. If you look back at residential architecture, it's not just window designs that give away age - like the square paned sash windows of many Georgian properties in Norwich or the single paned sash windows of the Edwardian era common in Lowestoft and Gorleston. Victorian [...]

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Lofty ambitions for our latest blog post!

When was the last time you went in your loft? If you're in an older property, you may raise your hand and say last January? You know the annual ritual of returning the Christmas decorations to storage? You may be unable to store stuff in there as it won't support weight, like many new house [...]

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Would shifting stamp duty to sellers help or hinder?

One of the biggest hurdles people face financially when moving is Stamp Duty. It's had several tweaks in recent years but the principles remain the same. On completion, the buyer is billed via a conveyancing solicitor for Stamp Duty, a tax paid to central government. You can actually work out what you'd pay with this [...]

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What can planning do to save high streets?

Envision CAD are based in Norwich.  Generally the retail scene there is positive, but there's pockets of difficulties. If you walk from St Stephen's Street towards John Lewis up Timber Hill or Westlegate there's businesses closed. Step further into the city centre and the beautiful Royal Arcade is slowly beginning to empty of businesses. CLOSURE [...]

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